Finalist Profiles


Deck: Qnergy

Renewable energy resources like solar panels don’t provide enough reliability and batteries to be replaced and disposed of on a regular basis.

Qnergy provides reliable remote power in the 1-10kW range to help companies improve operational efficiency, decrease cost and reduce emissions. Qnergy PowerGen Zero Maintenance Generators have the capability to utilize natural gas that comes out of the oil drilling process to transform the waste into electricity and heat, allowing flaring from Texas alone to power 4 million homes per day. The technology is also more durable and resilient than that of renewable resources.

Our factory in Ogden, Utah has a continuously running unit for over 12 years, making it the longest running engine in history. 

Team member:

Alek Schott


Twitter: @Greemonia

Deck: Greemonia


Green Ammonia Production, is an integrated platform of reactor engineering and catalyst selection to enable carbon-free “green” ammonia production, with the renewable energy input by the sun. Today, the global ammonia market is projected to be valued at $70.75 billion with ammonia production using energy from fossil fuels. By switching to renewable energy to make ammonia, we could save over 360 million tons of CO2 emissions worldwide.

Greemonia will work to help industries implement easy green ammonia conversion technologies in an otherwise unexplored market. The company intends to initially target the fertilizer industry and show how artificial photosynthesis acts as an innovative solution towards sustainability.


  • Xiangkun (Elvis) Cao – CEO, Forbes 30U30 
  • Xu Liu – CPO, BP Future Energy Leader
  • Dr. Zhengda Lu – CFO, Ph.D. Cornell University


Deck: FixingCO2


Fixing CO2’s breakthrough technology converts fuels into chemicals by using electrochemistry and renewable energy to turn CO2 emissions into valuable products that close the carbon loop. Many CO2 utilization technologies are not scalable enough to tackle large sources of CO2, or the targeted markets for the end products are too small to have a large environmental impact. Recycling CO2 into valuable products can help large polluters decarbonize their operations without significant costs.

Through the CO2 electrolyzer, a reactor converts CO2 into CO using water and electricity. The additional CO can be mixed with hydrogen to create syngas, a method to create carbon-neutral fuels and chemicals, which is a $100 billion market. This highly efficient process provides a commercially viable solution that is poised to become a crucial part of a zero-emissions economy.

Team members:

  • Almagul Zhanaidarova – Inventor of the technology, PhD from University of California, San Diego. Research experience from Caltech and Stanford and 9 years of experience in electrochemistry. 
  • Anna Mitskovets – Lead engineer, PhD, Caltech. Research at Fermilab, Stanford University. 
  • Eldar Akhmetgaliyev – Business Development, PhD, Caltech. Co-founder, MOCAP Analytics. 

Advisory board:

  • Clifford Kubiak - (Professor, UCSD) Scientific Advisor
  • Simon Jones - (CEO,Fluid Efficiency) 
  • Eugene Timko - (Managing Partner, Xploration Capital)
  • Chengxiang Xiang - (Principal Investigator, JCAP, Caltech) 
  • Ahmed Abdulla - (Assistant Professor, CMU)
  • Sam Shiffron - (Partner, Ecocell LLC)

Deck: Airthium


While switching to renewable energy is important, renewable resources like wind and solar are never completely consistent. If we want to decarbonize our economy, we need to turn to energy storage. Airthium makes a large-scale and low-cost Pumped Heat Energy Storage System (PHES) that can work at 530C and reach 50% thermal electricity efficiency. The solar and wind energy is stored as heat, which can be converted back into electricity when it’s needed.

The new technology has a 70% roundtrip efficiency in the compression and decompression of gasses while also being 100% safe and recyclable. Each unit is durable and reliable averaging at least 25-year life cycles.

Team members: 

  • Andrei Klochko – Engineering Master’s degree and PhD in Plasma Physics, Ecole Polytechnique
  • Lea Bataillou – PhD in Science and Engineering of Materials from INP Toulouse
  • Simon Garnotel – PhD in Applied Mathematics from Amiens University/Hospital Research Center
  • Houssam Houssein – PhD student at Airthium, Engineering Master’s from Ecole Centrale and Master 2 in Pure Mathematics from Paris Diderot University
  • Franck Lahaye – Previously Sales Director EMEA at Intelsat, MSc in Management from Institute 

Deck: Bluedot


Bluedot is the Airbnb of charging stations for electric car drivers that brings together one application for charging units, networks, manufacturers and users. The application works to connect any type of EV charging stations to drivers and eliminates any barriers. Bluedot allows home, restaurant, and hotel owners the chance to earn money with charging for unit-sharing and increases the amount of available charging stations in an increasingly #EV automobile market.

Bluedot works to create a profit by charging commercial business owners a subscription fee of $39.99 and collecting a 14% commission from homeowner charging unit transactions.

Team members:

  • Ferhat Babacan – Co-founder & CEO
  • Selinay Filiz Parlak – Co-founder & COO
  • Furkan Ali Yalc─▒n - CIO
  • Cagri Yeni – CTO
  • Ege Cavusoglu – PM
  • Yusuf Ceylan – Sales
  • Cerensu Dertli – Digital Marketing

Advisory Board:

  • Toni "Porsche" Piech (CEO of Piech Automotive)
  • Erkan Kaptan (VP of Google)
  • Berker Yagci (CXO of Getir)


Deck: Yotta


Yotta Energy is on a mission to lead the world’s transition to 100% clean renewable energy by simplifying the way energy storage works. Yotta’s modular and safe format has the potential to be the world’s first solution that addresses many of the existing industry problems and meets market demand. The company is building a new class of scalable energy storage through the SolarLEAF, a first-of-its-kind storage battery with passive thermal regulation. The SolarLEAF is designed to make solar plus storage safe, simple, and affordable while increasing the widespread adoption of solar energy.

Yotta plans to sell their product to commercial solar developers, installers, equipment distributors, businesses, and utilities through direct sales and distribution channels. The storage devices will provide behind-the-meter services to customers, utility services, and regional transmission organizations/independent system operators.

Team Members:

  • Omeed Badkoobeh - CEO: 10 years+ experience in solar PV, energy storage, & electric vehicles with $10M+ sales; Co-inventor of the patented SolarLEAF(TM); formerly @Tesla, @Evoke Electric Motorcycles.
  • Vikram Iyengar - CTO: 12 years+ experience in automotive R&D, testing, & engineering; Co-inventor of the patented SolarLEAF(TM); BE; MS, Electrical Engineering.
  • Phil Gilchrist - COO: 30 years+ experience leading product development teams, partnering with international manufacturers, & delivering high-quality products; Formerly @Dell, @SolarBridge, @SunPower; BS, Mechanical Engineering.
  • Jennifer G.Gallegos - Director of Research & Strategy: 10 years+ experience in project management, building design, sales, and marketing; BS, Environmental Engineering, Stanford University; MS, Fire Protection Engineering.

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