Peoples Choice Shortlist

Deck: OnRout


OnRout summary:

Pollution, traffic and congestion from eCommerce deliveries have reached a tipping point. As e-commerce grows, the flood of delivery trucks is creating environmental problems around the world and economic problems for industry players.

OnRout is a real-time bidding platform for parcels with a vision to significantly reduce the number of duplicative routes that eCommerce parcel carriers run to one truck per street per day. When a carrier bids on a parcel, they can bid lower if they are already going to a neighbouring address; by allowing carriers to provide prices in real-time OnRout drives route consolidation, lowering costs and urban congestion for all parties.

OnRout is a marketplace that sells to two types of customers: shippers and carriers. The company offers shippers cost savings of 10-50% while providing an opportunity to lower emissions from shipments by 41%. While carriers are offered a way to make low density, high cost deliveries into a denser and more profitable parcel. OnRout then charges shippers a portion of the savings that have been generated as commission that creates a cycle to further lower costs and emissions.


Johnathan Hessney – Jonathan is a former supply chain strategy consultant with Accenture, negotiating carrier contracts for Fortune 500 companies, redesigning nationwide delivery networks and consulting directly for a national carrier. Operationally, he has run a shipper and been a mailman.

Bruce Williams - Bruce has 17 years’ experience in software engineering. He's the co-creator of Absinthe, the GraphQL toolkit for Elixir. He is the author of "Craft GraphQL APIs in Elixir" (2018), and "The Rails View" (2012), published by Pragmatic Bookshelf. Prior to being a developer, Bruce was a Cryptological Linguist with the US Air Force.

Deck: Soil Value Exchange



Soil Value Exchange summary:

Soil Value Exchange is on a mission to help reverse climate change and restore the prairie ecosystem by helping farmers and ranchers adopt regenerative agriculture practices which restore soil health. Regenerative agriculture can restore ecosystems, sequester carbon and improve ranch profitability that has the ability to remove over 100 million tons of atmospheric CO2 every year and store it permanently in the soil.

The Soil Value Exchange accomplishes this by offering soil carbon storage credits, generated by ranchers who opt to follow the company’s scientifically rigorous soil measurement protocols. By purchasing the credits, companies with a carbon challenge can remove atmospheric CO2 in a way that minimizes carbon and restores ecology while being a lower cost than industrial solutions for both global corporations and domestic based companies who have made climate commitments.


Henk Mooiweer – Hank holds a PhD in organic chemistry and spent 25 years at Shell, where he managed complex business and innovation opportunities. At Shell GameChanger, he took disruptive, high impact innovations towards implementation.

Megan Parks – Megan is an entrepreneur focused on soil health, regenerative agriculture, and climate change. Previously, she worked for nearly two decades on environmental issues in the energy industry and holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering.

Jim Blackburn – Jim is an environmental lawyer, scientist, and professor of practice at Rice University. He is the Co-Director of the SSPEED Center and a faculty scholar at Rice’s Baker Institute.

Deck: greency

Greency summary:

Greency is working to reduce global warming by changing the way people behave. Greency is the Fitbit for carbon that makes measuring environmental impact as easy as counting calories and steps. This mobile application analyzes the carbon costs of your daily routine, and then provides personalized tips for living a more sustainable life.

Developed at Stanford and grounded in years of research, the app will help hundreds of millions do right by the environment by bringing down carbon costs, helping users adopt sustainable diet, and eventually help with sustainable purchasing habits.

Today, 88% of Americans are willing to change their behavior for the benefit of the environment. By providing immediate data Greency makes carbon tracking automatic and painless. The platform will make commission in three ways: offsets purchased by users, sponsorship from corporations, and ad fees from sustainable brands.

Team Members:

Ilmir Nasretdinov – Ilmir has 11 years of experience in upstream oil and gas led technology transformation initiatives, drilling optimization projects, and business expansion. He is passionate about helping oil companies transition to a low-carbon era.

Hanna Shuvalova – Hanna has 10 years of experience in investments and consumer tech led fundraising and business development initiatives. She has managed strategic partnerships and investor relations passionate about sustainability and zero-waste lifestyle.

Jonathan Wang - Johnathan is a career-long technologist hailing from Silicon Valley and product manager and engineer at Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft, and Nvidia. Most recently he held leadership positions in guiding Instagram & Facebook through public scrutiny of data and privacy protection.

Pooya Rezazadeh – Pooya is a PhD candidate in Civil and Environmental Engineering, minoring in Computer Science. He is experienced in optimization of energy and water systems as well as machine learning and is skilled in programming with Python, Julia, C++, and Matlab.

Deck: Semtive


Twitter, facebook, linkedIn: @semtive

Semtive summary : 

Semtive aims to democratize and digitalize access to energy through simple, affordable and reliable clean sources like their small-scale wind turbines. Designed to provide affordable energy solutions, their Nemoi wind turbines are simple and reliable. Each turbine generates peak power when the sun goes down, at the highest demand tier generating energy at a price as low as $0.01/kWh to the end user.

Each Semtive system is smart. Using big data analytics, they gather information and use it to forecast weather conditions and energy generation. They sense the energy consumption and choose the best renewable source or energy storage device.


Ignacio Juarez. Semtive - Founder & CEO. Ignacio has worked in R&D in different companies, mainly designing prototypes, and in the commercial and engineering department of large corporations. Ignacio has been recognized by the MIT as a top innovator under 35.

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