The general criteria to be used by BP Ventures for the initial shortlist selection include invest-ability, potential for impact on the market, and potential for positive impact on the environment.

The BP Ventures judges will select a group of six finalists to be invited to present their ideas online via Zoom webinar on March 14th. Participation in the Zoom webinar on March 14th is required in order to be considered for winning.

If a finalist cannot take part, the judges will select an alternative finalist. Finalists will be invited to attend the presentation at Net Zero House no later than March 11th.

Two other finalists will be chosen by popular vote on Twitter. The judges will post a shortlist of each entry for the People’s Choice award on this site, and also on the Net Zero Twitter account on March 4th.

The two shortlisted entries with the combined highest total of Likes and Retweets by noon ET on March 13th will be invited to present their idea at the online Zoom webinar on March 14th.

To learn more about SXSW Contest official rules click here.

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